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Luna Rossa’s already-lively tiki bar reached a new level of fun today with a visit from S.O.B., the reliable trio of Renard Cohen, Sam Cassidy and Brian Ratti. Son of the Blues is a solid band with the flexibility and volume to keep any audience awake. Renard’s even promised us a repeat performance at the same location on June 15th.

The man who books the venue’s live music is John, who says, “We’d like to bring more music to Luna Rossa.” He’s booked other acts, of course–Jenny Hackett, Govinda Rose, and Big Things–but the thing about live music is that you always need more. If you have a band, you might look into Luna Rossa as a possible venue. Whether you go for the music or the food, I’d recommend going this Sunday if possible; I hear there’s gonna be a pig roast.