ArtMusic was conceived and implemented by Don Slepian and Jan Julia and is representative of the phenomenon often referred to as “house concerts” which  has become an exciting (if home-brewed) part of the cultural matrix in parts of the country. Expect a mix of light refreshment and socializing followed by entertainment moderated by the host(s). If whiskey and MMA-style bar fights are your cup of tea, go downtown.

My first visit to this inspiring phenomenon was rewarded with some fantastic music and the kind of socializing that makes one wonder why they ever invented television. Don and Jan, gracious and personable, were kind enough to invite me into their home to share the ArtMusic experience. Don, a pioneer of electronic classical music, got us in the mood with a unique melange of musical “references” which was exquisite.
The featured performer was Vicki Genfan, Guitar Player Magazine’s “Guitar Superstar” of 2008. How does a woman with an acoustic guitar and a paucity of Marshall stacks achieve this? Verve and talent, that’s how. I should mention that this writer is pretty much rock oriented, bred to the likes of Jethro Tull, Cream, etc., but amply familiar with Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, and the talented performer that was Cat Stevens. Now Vicki Genfan may not be a household word, but that’s OK for now; she appears to be supremely confident in her accomplishments and yet quite able to put the audience at ease, explaining in “just enough” detail the technical details that make her work unique and powerful.
As a sometime drummer, I especially appreciated her exposition on her percussive style of play. I could name several icons that came to mind in this context, notably Richie Havens. Those of my generation might also think of the sound of another great, Joni Mitchell. Vicki’s performance was entirely her own, intelligent and innovative – and great fun! I know we’ll be seeing more of her in the future.

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